How does everyone do it?

I know I vowed to do something new everyday, but I’m struggling with ideas and I’m just really exhausted. I don’t know how all of you do it.  Now, when I read blog posts, I truly know all the love you put into it…

I feel like my project is actually doing the opposite of what I want to accomplish…If you know me, you know I’m a planner. I love my checklists and little boxes. I love being efficient. I need a PLAN. My original “plan” was “oh I’ll just figure out one new thing to do each day..” YA RIGHT! who was I kidding. hahaha.

My bf and my sister have very similar personalities.  They do not plan.  They go with the flow and they always somehow manage.  I don’t know when I became this way..but I love planning and I love looking forward to something and anticipating it and planning my every little move.  Whereas, my bf & sister are  very “let’s wing it.” At times, it drives me crazy, but of course it’s exactly what I need to keep me sane.

I’ve been driving my bf and sister crazy always pondering and asking “what should i do today?!?!?!” my bf suggested…”why don’t you do ABSOLUTELY nothing?” i laughed. i hate that. i can’t. and yet, here i am….all i did was stress out about what I should do today, but in the end I’ve accomplished nothing. My day was shot.


However, I’m realizing there’s no real rules and/or plans in life. Plans change…shit happens…that = life. This is by all means not an excuse for not trying something new today.  It just means I’ll have to do something to make up for today this weekend. I really need to get over myself and embrace this messy adventure I’m on.  I wanted to find out things about myself and i’m finding that I can’t control every element and you know what…sometimes you just have to deal with it.I’m going to have to LEARN to go with the flow.…(you would think, for someone being born and raised in Hawaii, this would be easy….haha)


i need to learn to relax and stop being so high-strung

But really, I’m curious, how do you all manage it?  A job, a life, taking pictures, writing, posting, exercising….there are 24 hours in a day…I need to figure out how to schedule my days… END crazy rant.

I’m sure i’ll figure it out. It is only week one of blogging. 🙂


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