YOLO – You Only Live Once

Thanks Drake for the inspiration. Yesterday, I really felt old.  My friend sent me a link and it was a blog entitled “YOLO.”  I asked..”what the heck is YOLO” and all I see is “..typing” hahaha. OH WELL………Yes, I’ve heard it in his songs many times, but I’m the type of person who never really realizes what the song is saying…ANY HOW..

Today, I did something CRAZY, very unexpected of me…..I bought tickets to Coachella 2013!!!

I’ve always wanted to go and today my friend just told me “ohhhh tickets are going on sale today…you wanna go with me??”  At first, I thought it was so silly, it’s ONE year away…but I guess it’s my new attitude of JUST DO IT…I really JUST DID IT.  🙂

I am sooooo excited and I can’t believe I actually bought tickets.  I’ve been talking about it, but never really imagined that I would ever go. There was always an excuse.  Not today!  Life’s short.  I gotta enjoy the one life that I have and live every day to the fullest. Like Drake says “YOLO!”

Thursday, May 17, 2012 CML Activity:

  • Stop talking about it and DO it – bought tickets to Coachella 2013 – completed 5/17/12

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